The rise of “smart” lockers

Smart locker, accountable parcel, intelligent storage container, electronic drop-box…the names go on and on, but they all describe the same thing: locked boxes that can be unlocked without the use of a traditional key or combination.

These smart lockers are scalable, customizable, electronic, and often cloud-based systems that gives onsite and remote workers and visitors an easily accessible space of their own. They are relatively new to the scene but have already gained popularity in a wide range of applications including: – Apartments
– Post offices
– Gyms
– Office buildings
– Pools and recreation centers
– Amusement parks
– Golf courses
– Schools
– Construction sites
– And more…

What makes these lockers so enticing is the convenient management they offer. Whether it’s tenants, employees, customers, or guests, the temporary users can be issued keys instantly from anywhere in the world. Meaning managers no longer have to scramble to find a key, make a copy, hand it out, and then track it down to collect it once the user is finished accessing the locker.

Instead, the locker manager can remotely grant customized access to an individual via his phone, tablet, or computer. The user can then access the locker via a Bluetooth phone for a specified amount of time, or until the manager remotely revokes his access to the locker. What’s more? The manager can view an audit trail to see who accessed which lockers and where and when that access took place.

Instant access, customizable permissions, verifiable delivery, and real-time insights into all events make smart lockers more convenient, secure, and cost-effective than traditional lockers. And it seems they come at an optimal time. With a workforce that is more mobile and dynamic than ever, businesses are relying more heavily on systems that improve accessibility and efficiency wherever possible. It’s clear why smart lockers are becoming the most sought after solution for locations with variable users and flexible schedules.