Supply chain security: an infographic

The supply chain poses a unique security challenge because it involves numerous people, companies, and often nations, each with their distinct regulations. This means the solution, in terms of security, is not one-size-fits-all.

While the challenge varies between trusting others in the supply chain, maintaining strong cybersecurity measures, or preventing cargo theft, those in the supply chain and logistics business know that each day poses a different threat. It’s crucial for enterprises and government agencies to anticipate those threats and undergo special training while implementing preventative measures to overcome fraud, theft, and disasters.

It’s obvious that supply chain security must involve a multi-level strategy to secure end-to-end chain of custody. This strategy should incorporate a strict set of enforced protocols, including: a solid understanding of specific country regulations, employee training and certification, video surveillance systems, carrier and driver identification and vetting, and above all, physical security measures. 

Check out our “Supply Chain Security” infographic to see why more supply chain experts are increasing their spend on physical security and adopting new technologies to deter theft and improve their bottom line.