Securing cargo in transit

Cargo theft is a costly threat to businesses that’s frequently accepted as an inevitable loss. Manufacturers sometimes grant a standard “shipping damage” deduction, or the buyers might take involuntary deductions from payments to suppliers. But unfortunately, no one is immune, because the chance of cargo theft isn’t dependent on the type of products that are being transported.

Therefore buyers, sellers, and transportation providers all purchase insurance against potential loss or damage claims so that the owner of the product at the time of the damage or theft can receive financial compensation for the loss of the sellable product. Many industry experts believe that money would be better spent on new technology that’s able to eliminate the threat to a significant extent. The installation in or on shipping containers of standard technologies including wireless communications, GPS tracking, remote sensors, and AutoID solutions such as RFID, allow side managers to collect valuable, detailed, real-time information about events as they occur during transportation. Furthermore, they enable managers to take proactive measures to mitigate those events, and quantify their impact on the total cost of goods sold.

Known first as Container Security Devices (CSDs), these technologies were initially created to help protect against the use of loaded shipping containers as weapons of mass destruction. Once it was realized that there is substantial commercial value to be gained from uses outside of just security, the term Container Monitoring Device (CMDs) became more commonly used. Now, the United States Department of Homeland Security is referring to them as Reusable Electronic Conveyance Security Devices (RECONS). 

But despite their various names, these devices have one thing in common: they all provide a method to collect and share critical data about the in-transit portion of a supply chain that would otherwise be inaccessible to supply chain operators. At Nokē, we want to help supply chain managers secure and track their cargo by providing a safe, reliable, and convenient solution called Nokē Pro.

Nokē Pro combines durable locking hardware in various form factors with our robust key management software and mobile app. Our cloud-based system allows the locks to communicate with the app and web portal to provide accurate, real-time audit trails and advanced reports on the secured items in transit. In addition to reducing cargo theft, Nokē Pro gives supply chain operators valuable insight to more efficiently run their business. Our solution offers customizable access permissions, Bluetooth unlocking, remote tracking, GPS location, and a reliable log of where, when, and by whom a shipping container is unlocked.


Nokē is reinventing commercial security by creating hardware and software solutions that do more than just secure your company’s assets. We are dedicated to simplifying security management while offering heightened control to better protect your employees, buildings and resources. Our intuitive analytics dashboard, wireless locks and integrated solutions offer a more advanced method of access control and asset tracking than any other. 

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