OUM Technology Solutions and Noke Inc. Announce Strategic Partnership

The two companies are working together to provide enterprises around the world with business logic mediated access control solutions.

OUM Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd (OTS) and Noke Inc. (Noke), today announced a strategic partnership to provide enterprises with an integrated cradle-to-grave solution built around OTS’s Enterprise IoT platform: EILM, which addresses end-to-end solutions for supply chain management involving access control, business processes and electronic workflow. The two companies have teamed up to provide enterprises with a single window operation to address their operational challenges related to supply chain optimization, audit and regulatory aspects.

With increased pressures for optimizing supply chain functions, security concerns, diverse regulatory frameworks, and cost minimization, enterprises today are undergoing gradual transformation in the rules of engagement that apply to transportation, logistics, storage and beyond. Moreover, enterprises are constantly improving processes that optimize cost and operational efficiency. This is where Noke and OTS’s customers, particularly in oil & gas, dairy, automotive, telecom, food & beverage, warehousing, and shipping sectors, are increasingly experimenting and adopting the joint solution offering from Noke and OTS.

“Over the last few years, Noke has been contacted by hundreds of companies that struggled with the problems created by lack of visibility at remote sites and on vehicles in transit. Often a mechanical lock or indicative seal is placed to secure the site or truck and the responsibility of accurate reporting and workflow is left to the individual. This type of process costs companies money, time, and materials,” said Ramsay Henderson, Director of International Business Development and Sales at Noke. “When the Noke smart lock is used in place of mechanical locks or indicative seals, companies have real-time visibility, ensuring the job is done correctly and procedures are followed. This has prevented pilferage, cross-contamination and wasted time. We are proud of the positive impact we are making by working with companies like OTS.”

This partnership is expected to not only enable enterprises around the world to resolve their challenges around transport security and access control needs, but also optimize their challenges around dispatch planning, custody transfer, vehicle tracking & telemetry, quantity & quality assurances, delivery & reconciliation, and cost-revenue-leakage analysis – all from within a single system.

“We initially approached our customers with an intelligent keyless locking and access control system for either an upgrade of their legacy electromechanical locking system or replacement of their legacy mechanical locks,” said Raja Sarkar, Co-Founder of OTS. “After the pilot runs, what our customers realized is that the single window solution offered along with Noke is not merely a “1 + 1 = 2” outcome-based solution, but instead a “1 and 1 = 11” outcome-based solution. The solutions offered not only drove operational efficiencies spanning across multiple aspects of the supply chain, but also increased cost efficiencies attributed to being driven from a single but modular enterprise IoT application platform.”


About OUM Technology Solutions (OTS): Founded in 2012, OTS pioneered and implemented the concept of business rule and business logic mediated access control for transportation in 2013 and has expanded its portfolio offerings to include game-changing innovative and customized solutions offered around their Enterprise IoT and Industrial IoT Application platform. Their solution expands across Factories, Buildings, Healthcare, Warehouses, Transportation & Logistics and Cities making them Smarter, Simpler and Cost Effective.

About Noke: Noke Inc. designs and manufactures the Noke line of smart-locks, providing a reliable, safe, and cost-effective way for businesses to eliminate the pain points of key management. Noke gives companies a valuable security product to add to their collection of IoT devices as a means to secure and monetize ships, trucks, buildings, utility cabinets, warehouses, and more.