Nokē revolutionizes security industry with Nokē Mesh

Smart lock maker, Nokē, develops mesh networking technology to allow two-way communication with the cloud.


Nokē Inc., leading maker of commercial smart locks, announced its incorporation of mesh networking technology into select models of its smart locks to allow for battery-efficient two-way communication between the locks and the cloud. The switch from point-to-point to two-way communication eliminates the need for a cellular connection for a user to control the lock while adding additional capabilities.

“We are excited about the features mesh provides us that we can deploy throughout our entire lock portfolio,” said David Gengler, Co-Founder and CEO of Nokē. “We’ve already begun deploying our mesh technology and our customers are loving what they can do with it.”

The new technology allows for additional features to an already sophisticated line of locks. Some of those features include remote unlocking and changing keys, alarm indications based on motion sensors, and status reporting.

“The ability to achieve two-way communication while using exceptionally low power is a game changer for our partners,” said Cameron Gibbs, Co-Founder and COO of Nokē. “We look forward to making further announcements about how this technology will be deployed.”

Nokē Mesh has been thoroughly tested and rolled out into various applications such as self-storage, shipping, and trucking, and will be applied to more verticals in the coming year.


Nokē Inc. designs and manufactures the Nokē line of smart-locks, providing a reliable, safe, and cost-effective way for businesses to eliminate the pain points of key management. Nokē gives companies a valuable security product to add to their collection of IoT devices as a means to secure and monetize ships, trucks, buildings, utility cabinets, warehouses, and more.