Nokē Pro mobile app: update

We’ve been hard at work optimizing our system, and this week we released a major update to our iOS and Android mobile apps. You will notice some big improvements, including:

The ability to assign Quick-Clicks within the app

Users with the “Manage Quick-Clicks” permission can assign Quick-Clicks to users in the company.

Manage access groups within the app

Users with the “Manage Groups” permission will be able to view, create, edit and delete access groups.

Hide locks from other companiesInstallers can choose to show or hide locks from other companies. If this setting is turned off, installers will only see locks they have access to. *This setting is enabled by default. 

In addition to these notable features, our update also includes bug fixes, speed improvements, and UI tweaks across the app.

We are very excited about this update. If you have any questions or suggestions, please email