Nokē Pro case study: hospitals

Problem: The hospital has ultrasound machines which need to be accessed by multiple ultrasound technicians and physicians at various times of the day. Securing the machines using traditional padlocks did not create a reliable audit trail for administrators to see which machines were accessed by whom, and when.

Additionally, the physical keys were difficult for the hospital to manage, as they were often shared, lost, broken, or needed to be copied. These characteristics, along with being nearly impossible to revoke if a staff member was terminated, made the hospital’s keys insecure and left the ultrasound machines vulnerable.

The Nokē Solution: By implementing Nokē Pro, the hospital can now securely issue virtual keys to staff members using the machines and instantly revoke the keys when necessary.

The locks are “working flawlessly and have been easy to implement into the system, saving time and money while increasing accountability.”

The technicians and physicians can conveniently access the machines using their phone, and the hospital administrator has access to real-time data and valuable analytics to better manage the hospital, its staff, and its resources.

“Experience with the hardware has been very positive and very well received by the doctors with no negative feedback about the lock.”

“Nokē lock and Nokē Pro have definitely solved a problem of managing access to the Ultrasound machine. It is the simplest, most cost-effective way of managing and monitoring access to the device by far. I couldn’t find anything close on the market that works the way Nokē does. Top product. Well done.”

Quotes from the Hospital’s JMO Manager