A Nokē Pro use case: Medco

Company: Medco

Customer Success Story: Medco from Noke on Vimeo.

Medco’s activities are in import, export, storage, trading, marketing, transportation and distribution of a full range of petroleum products and one of the largest privately held companies in the downstream business located in Lebanon. In addition, the company actively represents, sells, supports, and distributes goods and services from major international manufacturers in the petroleum industry. 


Medco faced challenges related to its tanker locking at multiple levels for its petroleum product distribution. Some of the challenges were:

1. Due to deployment of mechanical padlocks, the company was experiencing en route pilferage since the keys were illegally duplicated and used to pilfer products while trucks were en route. There was no audit trail or log of the padlocks’ operation. The pilferage was so rampant and widespread that Medco found it difficult to pursue tracking of the culprits, resulting in significant financial losses.

2. Before the Nokē Pro solution was implemented, the retail outlets were pre-issued padlock-specific keys. This meant that a truck trailer assigned to deliver the petroleum products to retail outlets was assigned specific padlocks at the depot (after the trailer was loaded), which could eventually be opened by the key issued to the retail outlet. This invited operational overhead, cost, and sometimes resulted in erroneous allocation of padlocks to the trailer.

3. Medco could not trace and track whether the padlocks which were expected to secure the compartments were actually locked or (intentionally/unintentionally) left open. This resulted in Medco’s inability to trace any potential collusion between the depot staff and the truck drivers.

The Nokē Solution: 

Using the Nokē Pro system, Medco can now grant lock access at the loading of the product in the tank trucks and the customer’s receiving end. Drivers no longer have access to the locked fuel compartments of the trucks. If for any reason, drivers need access, drivers can be granted very customized access that can be tracked and revoked by system administrators remotely.

Medco no longer relies on disposable seals which can be tampered with or stolen. With Nokē, Medco can grant and revoke access to whomever they want, whenever they want. Its trucks and fuel stay secure, its drivers stay honest, and its managers stay in control. Further substantial savings have been realized by the ability to reuse Nokē locks instead of seals.

On top of customized access, Nokē provides Medco with real-time data so managers can make insightful, cost-effective decisions to improve the bottom line. Nokē’s audit trails and advanced reports allow Medco to manage its team and resources in a way that is safe, smart, and convenient. 

Nokē is reinventing commercial security by creating hardware and software solutions that do more than just secure your company’s assets. We are dedicated to simplifying security management while offering heightened control to better protect your employees, buildings and resources. Our intuitive analytics dashboard, wireless locks and integrated solutions offer a more advanced method of access control and asset tracking than any other. 

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