A Nokē Pro use case: Huntley Little League


Huntley Little League is a youth baseball and softball club with over 800 kids in both programs, located in Huntley, Illinois.


Huntley Little League faced challenges with securing its baseball diamond sheds at multiple fields across the community.

1. Each year, Huntley Little League has more than 50% turn over in coaches, making it exceptionally difficult to track down all the keys from unreturning coaches. The league was forced to change locks or key codes every year–an inconvenient solution that wasted time and money.

2. Additionally, the league was experiencing equipment “walking away” throughout the season, and there was no way to track who was entering the sheds, and whether sheds were being locked up after each game.

The Nokē Solution:

Using the Nokē system, Huntley Little League can now revoke keys from coaches electronically at the end of each season, eliminating the need to change codes or locks on its various sheds.

The league can also easily issue electronic keys to new coaches every year, allowing the coaches to conveniently access the sheds using their phones. Nokē makes the staff’s lives easier and keeps the equipment more secure, because it eliminates the threat of shared, copied, and lost physical keys. 

The league can also rely on an automatic audit trail to see who is entering the sheds and when, eliminating the guesswork and saving money on lost, stolen, or misused equipment.

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