A Nokē Pro use case: Havoya Real Estate


Havoya is a real estate company that specializes in assisting buyers and sellers in the Salt Lake City area.


Havoya real estate brokerage manages many investment properties for its clients. The properties are typically gated and have onsite sheds and storage containers with construction equipment used by various contractors.

Before implanting the Noke system, Havoya’s brokers had to carry around and manage dozens of keys. They also had to make copies and trust the various contractors who were accessing the properties with copied keys. They keys were easy to lose, a pain to replace, and the process was only moderately secure at best.

The Nokē Solution:

With Noke, Havoya no longer needs any physical keys for its properties. Brokers can issue and revoke contractor access to sites at a customized, granular level, saving valuable time and money.

In addition to sending virtual keys to contractors, Havoya brokers can also track and monitor all access via their phone. They can quickly see who is coming and going to more easily ensure that contractors are on time and on task.

Nokē is reinventing commercial security by creating hardware and software solutions that do more than just secure your company’s assets. We are dedicated to simplifying security management while offering heightened control to better protect your employees, buildings and resources. Our intuitive analytics dashboard, wireless locks and integrated solutions offer a more advanced method of access control and asset tracking than any other.  

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