A Nokē Pro use case: Green Education Foundation


Green Education Foundation (GEF) (www.recyclingedu.org) is a registered non-profit public charity (501c3) committed to creating green educational programs and workshops that help shape the minds of future environmental and political leaders, creating a sustainable future for the next generations to follow.

GEF fundraises through the collection and sale of recyclable textiles, shoes, and household items. GEF uses those proceeds to fund programs tailored to educate youth about environmental sustainability and global warming.


GEF has been operating Neighborhood Donation/Recycling Stations (NDRS) in California, Florida, Oklahoma, and Texas since 2013, to provide a safe, convenient, and accessible outlet for donated or recycled clothes, shoes, and household items. These stations are built using repurposed shipping containers and installed with an off-grid solar system that powers LED lights, cameras, and touchscreen interactive displays. The containers are located in large shopping centers, malls, and other high-traffic areas.

These state-of-the-art recycle stations are obvious targets for theft and vandalism, so security is of high priority to GEF. Before implementing the Nokē solution, the company used traditional locks to secure the NDRS. With each station being accessed by 3-5 different users daily, it was extremely difficult and inefficient to manage keys. GEF lacked a secure and convenient way to issue keys, and control who entered the stations and when. Additionally, managers lacked a way to monitor access to verify that protocols were met and stations were re-secured after each visit.

The Nokē Solution:

Using Nokē locks and access control software, GEF can issue digital keys with customized schedules to contractors. This eliminates the hassle of managers handing out physical keys while eliminating the insecurity of contractors losing, stealing, copying, and sharing those keys.

With the Nokē solution in place, GEF saves time assigning and removing access, gains control with automatic audit trails and reports, and increases security with continuous monitoring of all unlocks that take place at its various neighborhood donation/recycling stations.

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