A Nokē Pro use case: GO


GO is Malta’s leading communications services company, providing mobile, fixed line, internet, and TV services to more than 500,000 customers. The company also offers unrivaled services to the Maltese business community with services including Cloud, roaming hub, data networking, business IP, and managed co-location facilities.


GO needed a way to conveniently secure over 900 outdoor connection cabinets with specified levels of access. Before Nokē, GO lacked a way to manage its 168+ users who accessed the various cabinets multiple times every day. GO also needed a way to accurately log the time and date that each user interacted with the connection cabinets for heightened security.

The Nokē Solution:

GO now secures its 900+ outdoor cabinets with Nokē locks and silicon covers that are built to withstand tough environments and extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, the locks can be accessed via user’s phones, which can be granted customized access remotely from the Nokē Pro web portal. If an employee unlocks a Nokē lock, the access is tracked and logged to provide company admins detailed audit trails and real-time reports.

With the Nokē solution in place, GO doesn’t have to rely on traditional keys that are often lost, stolen, and copied. With Nokē, the company’s cabinets stay secure, its employees’ lives are made easier, and time and money that was once wasted on a poor security solution can be used to better run their fast-paced business.

Nokē is reinventing commercial security by creating hardware and software solutions that do more than just secure your company’s assets. We are dedicated to simplifying security management while offering heightened control to better protect your employees, buildings and resources. Our intuitive analytics dashboard, wireless locks and integrated solutions offer a more advanced method of access control and asset tracking than any other. 

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